The Acrylic Stetson …

… reviews fashion magazines, primarily, in his web log
… is a self-imposed fashion exile (read: jobless) and would love to work in a fashion magazine again but hopes his reviews won’t rub sensitive decision-making editrixes the wrong way.
… is not an artist, but makes art and is suitably deranged when it comes to fashion, and demented when it comes to Clothedom … or just plain crazy
… believes fashion is an artform that is grounded in a theory called “Clothedom”
… is a saner version of Ray Johnson, a fashion-informed version of Pat Conroy, apes Le Guin, Dick, and Gibson
… is Leigh Bowery – several gallons watered-down – and also has an inexplicable and unresolved crush on dancer Michael Clark
… believes Clothedom is something to suffer for.
… loves jewellery … perhaps a consequence of that is his reincarnation as a pearl in an undiscovered oyster
… a tourist of Samsara … a nebulous being navigating amidst worlds of the unformed, un-timed, the spaceless, the uncertain and the temporal
… interested in discourse on fashion, cyber conversation and hob-nobs via

2 Responses to “The Acrylic Stetson …”

  1. who/where are you? you’re fabulous!

  2. 🙂

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