A Rainbow Faded Too Soon … …


Brad Renfro (1982-2008) 

A broken bird
Given wings too soon
Planted too ferocious a mind
For too fragile a soul
You love the magic powder
‘cos it makes your voice sound louder
But you then couldn’t hear those you loved
Who gave you the magic powder?
 When your spirit can’t weather on the outer
They ne’er should’f given you the powder
should’ve listened to your brother
You are a dashing vision,
but the speed’s not kind to your mission
what’s left of your ambition
is now ‘tainment on THS television 
what a beautiful beautiful creature
what a lovely vision in flesh
what kisses and caresses i remember
is now a spectrum
from life’s prism
too fleeting
too soon
what a beautiful apparition
what a lovely featherlight illusion
You were Zeus’ Eagle to my Ganymede 
and you should be a phoenix
not this broken bird
in my broken hands
 ‘fro … i will always love you

~ by acrylicstetson on January 18, 2008.

One Response to “A Rainbow Faded Too Soon … …”

  1. Hello! Please keep writing. I really enjoy your analysis. Thanks.

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