Magazine Review: Marie Claire Nov 2007



Marie Claire is one magazine that wears many hats.

And Ac.Stet’s not just talking about the strange hat feature it has on Page44, odd in a fall-winter season when one should really be shielding against the winds, not the sun.




Why, it is a shapeshifter!




It has so many variations in magazine styles that when Ac.Stet flips through its pages, he mentally plays a game of Magazine Charades with himself.

This is Marie Claire … as Us Weekly:



… as HAPPY Magazine (UK):




… as New York Magazine:



… as GLAMOUR Magazine:



… as DETAILS Magazine:



… as Travel + Leisure, or Conde Nast Traveller:



… as Real Simple Magazine:



… as RADAR Magazine:




… as JANE Magazine:



… as National Geographic (you gotta hand it to them editors at Marie Claire):



… and finally, as Harper’s Bazaar:





So what is Marie Claire?

Ac.Stet is still not very sure.

It is the same reaction he got when he reads the piece on the Beckham’s interview by writer Howie Kahn. What is he trying to say in the story exactly? Nothing much, except we now know he got miffed because he couldn’t wrestle a good interview out of the Beckhams? And what about the perfume that triggered the whole junket? We know nothing about that too, except something arcane about it smelling like the future. And even so, it was a silly way to end a story without the writer really knowing what that means.

One saving grace of the November issue of Marie Claire is an exercise in good journalism by writer Jenny Bailey on the ugly malpractices of spa aestheticians in “The Truth About Medi-Spas” (P. 76). This is certainly a must-read if you only have time for one story in the magazine.

For other stories, you may pick up any other hybrid-clone at your local newsstand.

As the French-born Marie Claire may sometimes remember hearing: C’est la meme chose.


~ by acrylicstetson on October 28, 2007.

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