Magazine Review: Fashion Rocks — How can they not know this about Prince? Or Politics? Or Music?



Back to Fashion Rocks supplement magazine.

Anyway, what got Ac.Stet out of his PhilStarck chaise to post this while reading Fashion Rocks are some articles …

Lurve dhat article by Tim Blanks – Ac.Stet like – on David Bowie – Ac.Stet also like – Sometimes, Ac.Stet with his acrylic stetson, really believes he is some alien on some intergalactic cowboy ranch.

Lurve dhat writeup – brief but good – on Stevie Nicks, and that connection between Bootylicious and Edge Of Seventeen. The Tambourine Woman lives. You might think this is trivia, but remember what Ac.Stet mentioned here and then read on to let Ac.Stet. tell you why this detail is so significant in the following paragraph.

In dhat article on “Scents & Sensibility”, Richard Sullivan wrote a curtain-raiser on Prince’s debut fragrance, 3121. Sullivan wrote: “Little was known at press time… except … it debuted on July 7th … and it’s called 3121.” Yes, Sullivan mentioned it adds up to 7 (Jesus, who doesn’t know that?), made of what ingredients (good, but info like that’s supposed to be in the fashion copy) and named after one of his songs (oh lordy, thanks for that erudite observation but Mr. Sullivan, 3121 is more than a song, it was an album which sold half-a-million copies when first launched).

But why didn’t Mr. Sullivan mentioned that 3121 is also the name of his lounge universe that is his club 3121 in Vegas? 3121 is the official base, PR voice-box, and performance HQ of the enigmatic singer. It’s like mentioning the talents of Mr. Krelenstein, Ms. Lezark and Mr. Nicol and what wonderful music they make without mentioning they play at their founding collective club MisShapes.

And then – as if to add on to Ac.Stet’s mirth – Mr. Sullivan asks and answers aloud: “But why fragrance and music? Why not music and deodorant? Why not fragrance and politicians? The answer: Fragrance and music are both rooted in the intangible and the emotional.”

Er, excuse me. But you mean to say Politics — with its agenda on race, religion, human interest, social rights and civil liberties — is neither intangible or emotional? And besides, it makes sense for celebrities to hawk perfume as glamor sells and fans expect it. Moreover, fashion is a business that naturally veers towards commerce, than art. But Politics and selling something? Politicians are in the realm of public service and they mobilize their people to the causes and problems of the world for human betterment. But the nerve to even suggest Politicians sell perfume or any commodity for that matter? What a puerile analogy.

And why not music and deodorant indeed. Hadn’t Sullivan heard of Bon Jovi’s RSVP by Kenneth Cole this February? No doubt it is launched as a perfume. But …. C-O-M-E … O-N, in the made-for-profit perfume trade these days, which fragrance (including Bon Jovi’s RSVP) is not released with a whole gamut of after-shaves, balms, body lotions and deodorants cocktailed around the same scent?

It is forgiving if he had not known of Bon Jovi’s fragrance projects. But being the self-claimed “fragrance reporter” he says he is, Mr. Sullivan must definitely have heard of Nirvana’s epochal song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, which was unwittingly named after Mennen Corporation’s Teen Spirit manufactured in the 1960s? This ” fragrance reporter” must be working under too much stress, or simply too young, to produce copy like dhat.

The whole article smacks of an eager-beaver writer who pursues all the fashion stars for interviews (a no-doubt impressive round-up: Rufus Wainwright, Viktor&Rolf’s Rolf Snoeren, Estee Lauder President John Dempsey) and purportedly, also “various fragrance industry insiders”, but forgot all about the integrity of his mission: to educate the public properly about the connection between pop and perf.

And Ac.Stet seriously wonders who these “insiders” are that had led Sullivan astray. Wainwright as a musician and Rolf as dressmaker hardly qualifies as “fragrance” people, much less “insiders”. And Ac.Stet only read of one insider: John Dempsey. Does one insider qualify for the plural “insiderS”?

Quite obviously, Sullivan’s a fashion-writer who only knows fashion-fashion-fashion and nothing about the world outside fashion.

Fashion does not exist in a vaccuum, sweety.

Bring back to Ac.Stet the do-no-wrong fragrance-scribe Chandler Burr. Please.

~ by acrylicstetson on September 11, 2007.

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