Hot at New York Fashion Week: The Devil


Ac.Stet wants to know why these mannequins are making horn-signs – okay, one bunny sign.

Are they horny?

Is event photographer Sonny Vandevelde (credit for above pictures all goes to him) telling them: Gimme a Goat Pose!!!”.
(er, of course, he meant “Good”. Pardon the accent … but you know what bright sparks models are, they just listened and interpreted literally.)

Or maybe this is one of those latest, back-as-a-bad-penny incaranation of a pun regarding that oft-parodied film, The Devil Wears Prada?

If that’s the case, then these hand-signs definitely show that as with the changing nature of fashion, the Devil seemed to ditch Prada, in favor of Bruce, Helmut Lang and Susan Cianciolo.

As for Ac.Stet, methinks the Devil should wear ‘Ciaga

~ by acrylicstetson on September 11, 2007.

One Response to “Hot at New York Fashion Week: The Devil”

  1. hey, sonny here, it’s actually the bunny, and I call out “give me a bunny” I all started with Iekelien and Kinga , they took some shots of each other doing “a bunny ” and they showed it to me,so now I’m trying to get all models to do it, and why not, so no, nothing sinister in it involving devils, just fun

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