The Most Modern Thing About Fashion



Ac.Stet likes to pick the brains of his friends and fiends. Why think with one brain when you can think with 20?

So one day while helping Friend Sara I. pick out some work clothes from this boutique at the Meatpacking District, Ac.Stet. asked her: What do you think is the most modern thing about fashion now? Sara I blinked and says “glitter” “sequins” or something. Ac.Stet nearly did a triple-backflip-all-the-way-to-the-stockroom in aghast … sometimes you pay dearly when you pose a fashion-question to a non-fashion person.

Clearly miffed, Sara I. asked Ac.Stet the same question.

So what is the most modern thing about Fashion?

Why, Ac.Stet said, ebay, of course.

When you have gaz-trillions of invisible information (bytes) connecting to drive and complete transactions, move goods, offer large-scale indepth retail research, lower prices, create new businesses, raise old ones from the dead, and improve the dress sense of millions of men, women, children and the undecided … … you got to ask yourself, which singular movement could have revolutionized the industry exponentially?

So Narciso Rodriguez first started the eBay revolution when he sold pieces from off his runway, and then Proenza Schouler picked up the trend by peddling their entire collection on eBay in 2004. Gap creative director Patrick Robinson, when he was first hired at Perry Ellis in 2004, also confessed to spending countless sleepless nights logging onto eBay (Ac.Stet. suspects his username then was … Scorpion At Brink) and bidding on old Perry Ellis items in order to reconstruct the heritage of the American sportswear brand.

So why hasn’t more designers taken to using this web vehicle to move their wares?

Ac.Stet. thinks that the most unfashionable thing about Fashion, could really be the Fashion Industry itself.


~ by acrylicstetson on September 9, 2007.

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