Can An Artist Love Fashion?



Having had some time on his hands, for few hours here and there in-between his work, Ac.Stet has been making a little vest for himself. Partially woven out of grosgrain ribbons and gold safety pinlets that depict a snake chasing and finally swallowing its own tail (a la Vrtra from Hinduism’s Rg-Veda), the vest that is. And all these details at the back, so Ac.Stet doesn’t have to deal with the visual repercussions of such a piece.

And Ac.Stet wore it to last night’s art show by Deborah Kass at Paul Kasmin Gallery, Chelsea, one of the first big gallery openings that signals the start of the art season. Kass, of the bronzey-lame sheath dress and the lament-as-pop-art paintings.

Met John Waters, the notorious film director of Hairspray and Jawbreaker, and he looks exactly like he does in photos. Wearing a duo-tone lapel jacket, purple corduroy pants and what seems to be graffiti loafers by Issey Miyake (or a knock-off from Vans or Diesel), Waters is bamboo-slender and has a very very straight gait. Almost as if an ironing board was strapped to his back.

Actually, the highlight of the night for Ac.Stet was when this really reaaallly cute guy in a small yellow T-shirt came up to him and said: “I like your vest.” He is scruffy, snake-hipped, artsy, fair-skinned, big eyes, a mop of black hair and Adam Goldberg-esque facial hair, and a really nice voice. He’s a version of Bret McKenzie of Flight Of The Conchords. And most of all, he has the balls to approach a perfect stranger (er, me) to tell him exactly how he thinks. Just the type Ac.Stet likes.

At heart, Ac.Stet is just an artist who loves fashion.

~ by acrylicstetson on September 8, 2007.

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  1. […] the time. Ac.Stet has a rather regal whipsnake leather jacket from Versace which he really loves or that gold-pinned serpent vest but there are times he puts it on and parties and has moments like, What the fuck is this snake […]

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