What Is Fashion – oops, I mean- Clothedom (III)?



Clothedom is the creation of an alternate universe.

In John Galliano’s world, reality is neo-romanticism held afloat by diehard visionaries in medieval garb a la Les Incroyables or the romps atop sooty chimneyed rooftops at dusk ….

In Leigh Bowery’s world, reality is where there exists … a collective of forbidden silhouettes where humps at backs-chests-shoulders are marks of sensuality … the scorned notion of the “face” because it carries too much mundane phlebian information and thus has to be subverted into stunning theatricality … Saffron pinks, latex blacks, parakeet blues and Krishna greens are not only just the navy blues of India, they are the fucking United Colors of Taboo … the norm that dressing-up and cross-dressing means the same thing …. a life-sustaining need to dress up for whatever reason it damn pleases you (that includes dressing up to dress up) …

In Olivier Theyskens’ world, reality is the acheingly beautiful and artfully pensive plane of existence of a broken and fallen princess living off the last of her inheritance … she makes her heirloom gowns last an eternity by picking off the Chantilly laces from her lingerie for ribbons in the hair; lush plumes from the bodice to garnish her shoes; boning from the courtly corsets to restructure her decolletage; shadows of flying birds (both unattainable and free) cast on her hems as guiding placements for appliques; the metallic sheens from her satins as skins and lasts for her heels … …

In Johnny Depp’s world, Clothedom is a series of purposeful mismatch and endearment of funny-colored owl-glasses, striped jackets, two-toned lace-ups, pork-pie hats and wide-brim Stetsons, all worn with a sharp chin and an even sharper moustache-goatee combo … All meant to delight, shudder at and ultimately remember with an odd fondness.

In Hussein Chalayan’s and Nicolas Ghesquiere’s, clothedom is a brave and blunt forward march and eventual embrace of the future, 500 years from now, where metals ores are mined to be made for clothes and spider-silks bred from engineered goats to erect skyscrapers … where Clothedom means fabrics have electronic memory and digital mobility … where Clothedom means suits and shirts have outer-bodily functions besides to dress, but to help you navigate a Bladerunner city, function as a cyberpunk intelligentsia by way of flying, reading maps, and telecommunicating with associates 10 cities away …

So what is Fashion – *slaps hand* – Clothedom, you think?



~ by acrylicstetson on September 1, 2007.

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