What Is Fashion (II)?

Fashion* is the defiance of gravity …

… so thinks Ac.Stet today as this naughty idea hit him in the morning.

Some of the best ideas in clothedom has been structured around the idea of a certain vaporousity:

Witness Viktor & Rolf’s Atomic Bomb ballooned shoulder-pad dresses in 1998, Yohji Yamamoto huge floating canopied garments in the 1980s … to the spiked heels that bring the wearer closer to the skies above … to the weightless whiffs of great perfumes like Guerlain’s Shalimar … to the suggestion of flight like Helmut Lang’s feathered bloussons and yak-hair boots … to the slimming pill weight-loss fads at the turn of this millennium … to cosmetic technology that lengthens lashes in a trajectory that seems to respect a horizontal code of free-fall …

[Sculpture above by Ac.Stet’s friend Ozgur who made this gravity-themed installations as part of his senior art thesis]

* Fashion – usually the high kind, in the same way as there is a distinction between art and high art, grub and gourmet, ditty and ballad – is Clothedom.


~ by acrylicstetson on September 1, 2007.

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