The New York Times Forgot ‘Bout Them Baboons

The New York Times wrote that the prevalence of sagging jeans within the African-American community is a result of a culture of hip-hop, disregard for authority and symblematic of a history awashed in strife, violence and aggression.


Uh, no, Gray Lady, you got it, but not just yet.

Mankind has often used fashion, costumery to advance their attractiveness, in the same way hegemonic Victorian ideals influenced the way gentlemen dress to accentuate their manhood. Mankind do this from the dawn of Time by observing how animals behave during mating seasons: the peacocks’ plumes, the fire-red bloated bellies of Ecuadoran frigate birds, and other magnificent magnificent displays …

The underwear peekaboo by-way-of-jean-sag display is more akin to the sexual-traffic lights of the baboons: their bottoms are large and brightly colored, usually red, a sign of seasonal fertility.


Yet, these symptoms are present only in the female breed, although it must be said (however relevant you may find to the community singled out for such sartorial behavior in the New York Times) that the males are sexually active throughout the year.

But of course, the Gray Lady is a mass-paper … who can expect them to delve into such anthropological reasons other than the usual socio-cultural reasons?


~ by acrylicstetson on September 1, 2007.

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