Someone thinks Acrylic Stetson could be a physique model

Yet another good sign … today, while Ac.Stet was minding his business performing his back workout (yeah, delts, traps, lats and all that jazz … unemployment has its privileges) at his gym, a gym-rat regular came up to him, did a motion of gesturing at my shoulders, arms and made like a bodybuilder flexing a double-bicep-pose and then says to Ac.Stet: “Hey, you ought to be in some men’s fitness magazine.”

Ha, that was really sweet of him to say. But Ac.Stet does feel genuinely good.

The past summer weeks has been quite ego-buoying when Ac.Stet has been out in the city sometimes in his baggy but sleevless tank-tops. Got alotta admiring glances. Damn it, would wish it if they would just come up and say hello.

Ah, if only the powers-that-be at Hearstington, Fairchildren, those Conde Nastas and Conde Nastos can witness the magnetism of Ac.Stet both inside and out.



~ by acrylicstetson on September 1, 2007.

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